Youtube, social media and website assistant - virtual

ARE YOU a whiz at managing. editing and posting youtube videos, managing content and social media?

Are you super-reliable, a self-starter and a fast learner?

I am looking for a wonderful individual to help with my online programs and marketing specifically:

- youtube videos ( simple editing, put in banners and text )
- web pages 
- social media

Your role would be to handle the techical aspects which would allow me to focus 90% on being creative.

I would create the videos in zoom.  You would do very simple edits, put in banners and links and add the text I provide.  You manage the youtube channel. 

My site is currently in mailchimp.  You would create landing pages with simple graphics.

Your role is to help me promote and distribute my podcast, youtube channel.

You help me find ideal audiences where I can speak/present.
You would also be willing and happy to take on any other tasks that come up to help me free up my time.

Pay:  $15-20/hour CDN depending on skillset and efficiency.
2-10 hours per week

IMPORTANT:  If the pay above does not work for you kindly do not apply as we receive many applicants.

This role would suit a university student with a high aptitude plus a strong interest in managing technology for an online marketing program.

I offer an excellent work credit for your school program.

I also offer a powerful referral opportunity with job experience that you can take to a potential employer down the road, or  launch your own wonderful business. 

I am in Toronto Canada and you can work virtually from anywhere.

You demonstrate wonderful written and verbal communication skills which sets you apart from other applicants.

You are someone who is amazing at figuring out things on your own and coming up with solutions that are even better than I imagined.

You are looking for a long term working relationship of at least 2-3 years or many years!

Is this you?

If you see this ad the position is currently not yet filled.


If you are interested here is an application

I look forward to hearing from you.

apply here


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