Welcome friends!

BY THE TIME you are reading this today MORE members of the Spiritual Dating group have created their new partners.

They were single, and are today very much enjoying being with their new lovely partners.

On Nov 6, 2020 I posted a message creating my powerful intention for them to create their new partner THIS month.

And I invited them to use my powerful creating method

Here is the thread you may use to replicate the process they yourself...

If you are not yet a member of the Spiritual Dating group send me a private message for an invitation.  It is such a lovely group.  

Although if you use my method you will not be single or dating for much longer at all so you may no longer be in need of a dating group.
'My relationship has completely transformed since I began working with Paul and using his method.

My whole family has noticed the difference in me and loves how much happier I am now. '  - H.G. 
Here is the process they used to create their wonderful partnerships, going from single to relationship.
with love,
Paul Fabulous