Hey Spiritual Dating Members...
Hi Everyone

More members in our group have reported that their NEW partner has recently shown up for them since setting their powerful intention.    

They were single before reading my message, and now they have partners.

Here is the message I posted in Spiritual Dating Nov 5, 2020


Hi Everyone,

I am sending out the powerful intention today that every single person here at Spiritual Singles becomes 'formerly single' this November.

Yes, this month. Because I do not believe in waiting. 

Why wait for your ideal partner to show when you can create him/her today?

For me loving more profoundly is my first part of creating powerfully. 

If you have a method you use to love more profoundly, my intention is that you use this like crazy...today.

And create the wonderful and totally ideal
partnership for you with the wonderfully ideal person who will LOVE being with wonderful you. 

This is my intention for you today. 

So, are you in???

Declare your powerful intention below....start typing 'I am creating my ideal partner NOW '.

with love and warmth,

PS. If you do not have a system for loving more profoundly comment below and I will send you what I use.

I invite you to set your intention now for your partner.  Post it. Email It. Say it. Write it. Share it. 

And if you wish to learn how I powerfully created my partnership with my lovely Shira you can start  start here